Chocolate Butter Crunch / $13

Milk chocolate and nutty toffee flavours make this one a perennial must sip.

Crème Caramel / $13

The baked dessert you crave is now available in liquid form. Rich? Yes. Tasty? Of course.

French Vanilla / $13

Sophisticated. Elegant. Mellow. Smooth. Faites vous plasir.

German Chocolate Cake / $13

Is there a better flavour on the planet? Perhaps but German Chocolate Cake is pretty close.

Irish Cream / $13

This long time fave has the traditional taste of Irish Cream liqueur. Except for the booze.

Raspberry Chocolate / $13

Have you ever had rich chocolate with fresh, tangy raspberries? Well now is your chance. Buy a pound and enjoy.

Snickeroo / $13

Tastes like a world famous candy bar. Caramel and peanuts. Get your Snickeroo here.

Spring Maple / $13

Spring-good. Maple-really good. Spring Maple really, really good.

Hazelnut Vanilla Cream / $13

Tastes just like sweet vanilla and roasted hazelnuts. Hence the name.